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is a helper macro provided by syn. 2. The lone export. Annotate the only pub of our crate with #[proc_macro_attribute]. This tells rustc that curry is a procedural macro, and allows us to use it as #[crate_name::curry] in other crates.

Syn itemfn

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Refer to the module documentation for details about implementing and using the Parse trait. Note that this replaces an ItemFn with an ExprBlock, which syn doesn't seem to like. When I try to do this I get errors like "error: macro expansion ignores token {and any following", which implies to me that it doesn't like the idea of Routing and runtime macros for Actix Web. //! //! # Actix Web Re-exports //!

no_std_compat::cmp::Eq - Rust

let input = syn::parse_macro_input!(item as syn::ItemFn); return syn::Error::new_spanned(input.sig.fn_token, "only async fn is supported"). impl<'p> #p<'p> for #cls {} } } MethodProto::Unary { proto, ..

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Syn itemfn

I'm trying to build a simple attribute which will inject a let binding at the beginning of a function, so the result would be: #[foo] fn bar(){ // start injected code let x = 0; // end GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. A runtime for writing reliable asynchronous applications with Rust. Provides I/O, networking, scheduling, timers, - tokio-rs/tokio syn_mid::Block-- A block whose body is not parsed. { } ^ ^ Other data structures are the same as data structures of syn. These are defined in this crate because they cannot be used in syn without "full" feature.

Syn itemfn

Currently this library is geared toward use in Rust procedural macros, but contains some APIs that may be useful more generally. 326,595 downloads per month Used in 1,120 crates (2 directly). MIT license . 225KB 5.5K SLoC Darling. darling is a crate for proc macro authors, which enables parsing attributes into structs.
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Syn itemfn

Blanket Implementations. ? Struct ink_lang_ir:: InkTest [−] pub struct InkTest { pub item_fn: ItemFn, } The ink! test with all required information.

该提问来源于开源项目:dtolnay/syn. (ItemFn.block) of the function marked with service and insert it into the method body of the trait implementation by collecting the function body and input (Delimited) as an vector of statements and vector of inputs respectively, Parsing interface implemented by all types that can be parsed in a default way from a token stream.
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A free-standing function: fn process (n: usize) -> Result< ()> { Struct syn:: ItemFn −] pub struct This type is available only if Syn is built with the "full" feature. Fields attrs: Vec vis: Visibility sig API documentation for the Rust `ItemFn` struct in crate `syn`.

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Macro improvements. #74 · 0913badd61 - actix-net - Repos

These are defined in this crate because they cannot be used in syn without "full" feature. Optional features.

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unwrap (); let mut visitor = FnVisitor { functions: Vec:: new }; visitor. visit use proc_macro:: TokenStream; use syn:: ItemFn; #[proc_macro_attribute] pub fn jailed_test(_attrs: TokenStream, item: TokenStream) -> TokenStream {let input = syn::parse_macro_input!

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